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How can Bob-a-loo help you get the support you need in your community?

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Lakeya Jones

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Support and donations help make it all happen! We’d like to thank the following collaborators, supporters, donors, funders and cheerleaders:

About Hutan For World Health

Pronounced “Who-tan” from the name “orangutan” is derived from the Malay words orang, meaning “person”, and hutan, meaning “forest”.
Hutan For World Health (Hutan) was established in 2014 and operates out of Michigan. It is a nonprofit public charity, granted exemption status under IRS 501(c)(3). The organization was created to improve quality of life; from encouraging a love of wild and beautiful places that may result in a deeper understanding of their importance, to engaging children in the joy of movement during a playful Bob-a-loo Adventure. Hutan advocates for a healthy planet and the health of all people regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or religion. Hutan’s commitment to being a racially equitable organization guides us and our work. We prioritize anti-racism, address racial injustice, and include people of color to enhance and amplify our education programming in communities of color.

Hutan is a non-profit organization created to help people of all ages live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. For all of us to be mentally and physically healthy human beings we need to consider not only our own individual minds and bodies, but also, the natural world in which we share with all living things.We are here to provide relevant information and an introspective look on health, so that you may make educated decisions for the well-being of all life. We aim to inspire individuals worldwide to restore their personal health and the health of the planet.

We envision a healthy, flourishing world in which humankind cares for and values nature, for the benefit of all life on Earth.

Programs address the most relevant physical and emotional health concerns facing children today. In 2020 Hutan created Bob-a-loo with the goal of utilizing movement and children’s innate connection to animals to improve health and wellness. Bob-a-loo is Hutan’s most successful program to date. It is a movement-based learning program that can be implemented in schools – where teachers are trained and provided with complete creative instruction materials, incorporated at events that promote well-being for children, or by simply using the resources, printouts, and videos on the website. Each original program incorporates interdisciplinary, multi-component elements that aim to positively influence a direction toward healthier lifestyles. Every program centers on the three main healthy living strategies; nutrition, physical activity and mental well-being, along with the value of a healthy planet, integrating a multitude of activities for the greatest impact.

Alfie, Bett and the Learning Letter Tree Adventures in our newest addition to the Bob-a-loo lineup. In this series we focus on movement-based letter and site word learning.

The Future.

The future of any community depends on its ability to foster the well-being of the next generation. Our children and grandchildren will become tomorrow’s citizens. Getting things right the first time is more efficient and ultimately more effective than trying to fix it later. It is better to prevent than to cure’. There is ongoing discussion on whether is better to impact the life of one or impact the lives of thousands.

At Hutan, we believe in striving to do both.