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Learning, Physical Activity, and Improved Social Skills

Bob-a-loo is an adventure-based movement and learning program for children 2-7 years of age. Bob-a-loo relies on children’s natural tendency to enjoy mimicking animals to guide them towards better learning outcomes, increased physical activity, and improved social skills.
By using animal examples to demonstrate concepts, competition and fear of failure are reduced, allowing children to freely challenge themselves and develop skills at their own level.

Teaching Guides

Before we started our five weeks of Bob-a-loo the children in my class had no interest in letters. They paid no attention to the words and letters around the room. After we spelled and jumped to “H-O-P” during Bob-a-loo, the children’s interest in learning letters and words greatly increased. They participated and wanted to learn more. I was able to share this with parents and that was awesome!”

Laura LambYpsilanti early childhood educator

The children were more self-regulated once they were back in the classroom. They napped better. They also had more confidence and willingness to try new things.

Kelaiah SizmoreYpsilanti Early Childhood Educator

They were so excited to go to Bob-a-loo! I noticed that the new experiences they had during the program gave them the opportunity to grow in self-confidence and learn how to collaborate with other children.

Ms. Maryrose BrownYpsilanti Early Childhood Educator

Now Available from Bob-a-loo!


I Can Tell a Moving Story

Learning Station

The “I Can Tell a Moving Story” learning station for active literacy learning.  For use in Classrooms and at home. Get kids up and moving as they learn letter recognition and sight words.

What’s Included

  • 24 Laminated Posters

  • 8″x 10″ Whiteboard, Eraser, and Marker

  • Two 9″ Colored “Standing Spots”

  • Frame to Display Posters

  • Large Storage Bag

  • Instruction Booklet with Printable Handouts

  • Medium Size Storage Bag

Price: $255.00/plus shipping & handling

24 colorful learning posters from the learning kit

Become part of the literacy movement that turns learning into an active adventure.

R-U-N Cheetah Run! is just one example of our new interactive posters that focus on early literacy using a multi-sensory approach.  The in-classroom stations allow children to choose an animal and create their own “moving story” while they act it out.  This approach reinforces word meaning and early letter recognition, while engaging children in the joy of physical activity.

What parents say:

“My kids took the posters outside in the yard. They created stories that connected one poster to the next. Even my three year old was jumping and moving about adding to the action of the story. They love the Moving Story Learning Station!”

Ischia LeatherwoodMom

What teachers say:

“The Moving Story Learning Station is such a great way to get children to interact socially and develop language skills. I use the station with 3–4-year-old students. I have noticed when I use the station the children are more talkative, more excited and more invested.”

Brittney SandahlPreschool Teacher